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Women's Erotica Club Frequently Asked Questions

In the past Women's Erotica Club was be part of the Netverifier Adult Network. Unfortunately, Netverifier is no longer operating.

Instead, I am offering free access to this site and several others to members of PureCunnilingus.com. Pure Cunnilingus used to be a Netverifier site but it is now an upgraded and expanded paysite with billing via CCBill. Inside Pure Cunnilingus you'll find a "bonus sites" section with access to Anal for Women, Adult Videos For Women, Women's Erotica Club, Muff Diving Men and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs this site?
Women's Erotica Club is run by me, Ms Naughty. I'm an adult webmistress who enjoys porn and who wants to offer quality erotica to straight women like myself.

How do you know women will like these videos?
Because I'm woman and I like porn. I've made this site for women like myself, who love hardcore but who are tired of the cliches and some of the distasteful aspects of mainstream porn. I'm not keen on gagging, slapping, spitting and facial cumshots which are so prevalent in most porn today. Instead, I want to see kissing, oral sex, connection and female pleasure and I'm sure plenty of other women feel the same way. I also like a bit of variety in my porn, such as BDSM, and of course I like male eye candy.

Will I receive spam if I join?
No. You are required to enter your email for administration purposes only. All billing and emailing is dealt with by CCBill.

Is it easy to cancel?
Yes. There is a support page within the members area that offers an easy-to-find cancel link, as well as useful technical and contact information.


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